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The LBL   Adoption Process

1.) To begin, complete the application. Within 5 days, you will receive confirmation of the receipt of your application.  If you meet our initial qualifications you will be invited to to chat with us via a phone interview. 


2.) We will arrange a day and time to chat by phone.  We want to get to know you and discuss proper puppy fit but most importantly, we know you have questions too and we want to give you an opportunity to ask us any and all of the questions you may have.  

3.) Families who are approved, will be required to pay a non-refundable reservation and consultation fee of $500 towards the price of your puppy in order to hold a puppy for you. We cannot hold a puppy without the reservation and consultation fee being paid.  This payment will secure you on the list for a Lake Breeze Labradoodles puppy or place you on our waiting list. The reservation fee can be moved to another litter, but will expire after 2 years.  A signed contract at time of deposit is required for both buyer and sellers well-being.


4.) Like Us and Follow Us on Facebook and watch for the birth announcement.  You will also be informed via e-mail that a litter of puppies has been born.  


5.)  At birth, we will require payment of $1500 with the remaining $1500 ($2500 for petite mini) plus all applicable sales tax due when puppies are 6 weeks of age.  Payments are generally accepted via Zelle, Venmo and check.  If there is not a puppy for you in your desired litter, you will be contacted and your reservation fee will be moved to the next available puppy or litter.  


6.) Between weeks six and seven weeks old puppies are examined by our vet, temperament is evaluated and at 7 weeks of age they are allocated to families. 

  • We assign puppies based on best fit for the puppy and the family.  This insures that every family receives the perfect puppy! We do not assign puppies based on gender.  Your preferences are taken into consideration but never guaranteed as puppies are matched first and foremost on temperament. 

7.)  At eight weeks of age puppies are to ready to join your family.  The date of pickup is set shortly after the time of birth and is listed on the litter page.  

  • This date and time are not negotiable! Families unable to pick up on the scheduled due date may opt for training or move to our next litter matching their puppy wish list.

  • Families are required to pick up their Lake Breeze Labradoodle  personally at our home and attend our puppy pickup session.

  • We have puppies in multiple states across the U.S. If you are flying in to pick up your puppy you have multiple options within a reasonable driving distance.  You may choose Milwaukee General Mitchell International Airport (approximately 45 minute drive), Madison Dane County Regional Airport (Truax Field, approximately 1 hour drive), Chicago Rockford International Airport (Aproximately 1.5 hour drive) or Chicago O'Hare International Airport (Approximately 1.75 hour drive).

  • We do not ship our puppies as we do not feel it is in the puppies best interest. 

  • Puppies that are unable to go home on the scheduled pick up date may opt to stay for 2 weeks of Lake Breeze UniFursity training at the additional cost of $1500.  A training reservation needs to be applied for at the time of reservation. This is not a guaranteed service.

Lake Breeze Labradoodles reserves the right of the first, and sometimes, second pick of the litter when we decide there is a special puppy or puppies fit for breeding.  These puppies are most often placed in guardian homes locally.  See our Guardian page for additional details.  

Our Puppy Price
$3500.00(Petite-$4500) includes:


30 days of Trupanion Pet Insurance


Health testing of parents that Exceeds ALAA Golden Paw Standards


Accurate vaccinations including a holistic detoxification 


Holistic deworming protocol with low to no chemical deworming 




Spay/Neuter contract for critical hormonal development & longevity


Examination & report by a nationally recognized reproductive veterinarian


Raised in our home, not a breeding kennel


Puppy Culture Socialization & Enrichment protocol 


Sound Desensitization


Experience with up to 8 car rides


Crate Training Initiated


Potty Training Inititated


Natural & holistic nutrition plan


Experience with bathing and grooming


Puppy pack with toys, blanket & samples


Life time support!

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LBL uses a company called SpaySecure to protect your puppy’s health. SpaySecure uses binding contracts to ensure dog sterilization at a healthy age. They’ll follow up with you to provide advice and reminders, ensuring your puppy’s sterilization. Please visit their website for more information

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