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History of the Australian Labradoodle

Australian Labradoodle 101

Isn't a Labradoodle a Labradoodle? What's the Australian thing about?

Well, there is a pretty big difference between the American Labradoodle and the Australian Labradoodle (ALD). The American Labradoodle is a cross between Labrador Retriever and Poodle only. Many breeders are still breeding them in the first generation, meaning a Lab to a Poodle, or they may only be a few generations in. So what? Well, it will still be quite unpredictable as to what attributes the puppies will have, with the main concerns being temperament, shedding coat and allergenic. The Australian Labradoodle was developed in Australia in the 1980's by the an Australian guide dog association to create a non-shedding, allergy-friendly service dog. Through their development in conjuction with top breeding research centers, they also added the following breeds: English and American Cocker Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel and Soft-Coated Wheaton Terriers, each chosen for specific attributes to improve the breed as service dogs. Therefore, with the breed genesis dating back to the 1980's, you can purchase your loving ALD companion knowing their are multiple generations (multi-gen) of perfecting the breeding stock and have the reassurance that you will actually get the highly sought after traits of amazing temperament, non-shedding and highly allergy-friendly coats. That's not to say that there haven't been breeders with less than perfect breeding practices, I'm sorry to say that it happens. Just make sure you see the pedigree and all of the health testing documents from the parents of the puppy you're going to buy.

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