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Upcoming Fluffy Bundles of Love 

Updated 2024/2025 Litters

The LBL waitlist is approximately 8-12 months depending on size for our highly coveted love-raised puppies. 

We are taking a well needed break for the remainder of 2024. 

Additionally, due to the current decrease in demand, we are being

very conscientious in our decisions to breed.  You will see that we DO NOT overproduce puppies and "hope for the best" as other breeders may do. We

will only breed if there are puppies reserved for a particular litter to be

sure there are homes ready to love and bond with our puppies.

For litters that are fully reserved, it does happen, more often than you might think, that a family has an unexpected life change or decides to wait which allows for waitlisted families to get a puppy sooner. 


Spring 2025

  • Stella & Walter - Medium (32-40 lbs) - SPOTS AVAILABLE

  • Daisy & Guiness - Medium/Small Standard (38-55 lbs) - SPOTS AVAILABLE

  • Isla & Louie - Sweet Petite (10-18 lbs) - SPOTS AVAILABLE

As a very hands-on, boutique breeder we only have a handful of litters or less each year.  Our commitment to you is that we will devote the time to properly care for, love and socialize your puppy.  Learn more about our adoption process here. Or if you are ready to make the commitment to responsible dog ownership and want to add a puppy to your family, you can start the process by filling out our Puppy Application. We try to respond to you within 48 hours to schedule a phone interview.  Upon approval, a non-refundable consultation and reservation fee of $500 will be accepted to secure your spot on our waitlist. 


Lake Breeze
Stella   &
Iowa Meadow


Puppies anticipated in 
April of

The most wonderful temperaments! Stella is officially a therapy dog and Walter is so intuitive and is also a therapy dog hopeful!    

Size: Medium 32--40 lbs

Colors expected: Red, Apricot, Cream

Coat type: Wavy to curly 


Lake Breeze
Daisy   &
Lake Breeze  


Puppies anticipated in
April of

This will be our first litter with these amazing doggos. Their guardians love these dogs so much! Beautiful dogs with fabulous temperaments.   


Size:  Standard/Medium 38-55 lbs

Colors expected: Red, Apricot, Cream, Tuxedo

Coat type: Wavy to curly 



Isla   &
Lake Breeze  


Puppies anticipated in
June of

Our Petite Mini line is taking the world by storm! These sweet petites are so stinkin' cute and have amazing temperaments.  

Size: Petite Mini 10 - 18 lbs

Colors expected: Red, Apricot, 

Coat type: Wavy to curly fleece


*The dates listed above are merely our best estimates of the timing the of these litters until breeding has been confirmed.  Female heat cycles are not always predictable.  Lake Breeze Labradoodles reserves the right to make changes in breeding pairs and may retain Breeder's Pick puppies for our breeding program.  Our priority and our heart is what is in the best interest of our dogs, puppies and the Australian Labradoodle breed. 

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