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Have the Pick of the Litter puppy

 through Guardianship

Believe it or not...

we have only one dog that lives full time in our home as our loving companion and that’s our stud, Sedona.  We believe that dogs should live inside a home with companionship and not outside in kennels isolated from contact.  Therefore, in order to facilitate our breeding program, we have other parent dogs that are in our Guardianship Program living with other loving families and getting the individualized attention they should have.  We retain the exclusive breeding rights to our guardian dogs while they are actively being used for breeding.  Lake Breeze pays all the costs related to breeding. Our Mama Dogs return to Lake Breeze 1-2 times per year for breeding and whelping.  Our studs may be used more frequently if needed but only for a few days at a time.  Once the dog “retires”, then ownership is transferred to the guardian family and they are 100% forever yours.  This is an ideal program for families who would love to have a breeding quality or "The Pick-of-the-Litter" Australian Labradoodle, and be able to have it at a significant discount plus earn a small stipend with each litter of puppies that their dog has. 

Guardian Selection

Guardian families must meet our requirements to provide the best home, best care and a stable environment.  Some of the criteria is specified below in Guardian Requirements.

Guardian Responsibilities

  • The Guardian family is responsible for all of the costs of normal pet ownership:

  • Routine vet care

  • Premium dog food specified by the breeder

  • Pet supplies

  • Grooming

Guardian Requirements

Guardian families must:

  • Live within 1.5 hours of Lake Breeze Labradoodles

  • Provide a loving and safe environment

  • Own a home with a fenced in yard or invisible fence

  • Make sure no other intact dogs are on your premises to prevent unwanted mating

  • Provide obedience training and pass the Canine Good Citizen by 18 months old

  • Maintain the proper Australian Labradoodle grooming

  • Learn and understand what it means to care for an intact dog and be willing to assume those responsibilities

  • Be willing to have the dog stay at Lake Breeze Labradoodles for breeding and/or whelping

  • Be willing to transport the dog to Lake Breeze Labradoodles for all breeding related purposes

LBL Guardianship Process:

  • Guardian applicant will return the completed application

  • We will send a copy of the Lake Breeze Guardian Program contract for your review.

  • Lake Breeze will do a home visit to review that all the requirements are met and it is the best environment for the dog

  • Qualified Guardian families will then visit Lake Breeze to be introduced to the dog and review all expectations

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