The  Lake Breeze Difference

We pledge to be:

An Ethical Breeder

A Humane Breeder

A Conscientious Breeder

A Breeder that puts our Dogs First

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Our Standards of Excellence

Health Testing That


We EXCEED the ALAA Golden Paw Health testing:

We perform these Golden Paw level health tests:

  • Hip & Elbow Dysplasia

  • PRA/Prcd - Progressive Retinal Atrophy

  • Exercise Induced Collapse

  • CERF Eye Certification from OFA


  • Degenerative Myelopathy

  • Von Willebrand Disease 1

  • Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis

  • Neonatal Encephalopathy with Seizures

ALAA Golden Paw Standard

Emphasis on


Tremendous Emphasis is put on Socialization:

Being a conscientious breeder is rooted in the time and attention given to the socialization of their puppies.  At LBL, it begins here with a loving, stress free environment for our mama dogs a week before the puppies are due so babies begin life in a peaceful manner.  We then invest lots of time preparing pups for their new home and the big wide world through: 

  • Early Neurological Stimulation

  • Daily touch, holding & loving 

  • Sound desensitization to thunder, fireworks, barking, doorbells, sirens, traffic, airplanes and babies.

  • Exposure to different textures, unstable surfaces, climbing & height

  • Crate sleeping through the night

  • Introduction to different people, children and other dogs

  • Learning to "mand" or sit to politely ask for what they want 

  • Bathing, blow drying, grooming clippers & brushing

  • Potty training basics

backed by science & love

Vaccinations with a 


Holistic Approach to Vaccination:

Vaccinating your dog is important to protect them from debilitating and deadly diseases, BUT vaccines carry some of their own risks.  So here at LBL we've created the ACCU-VAC protocol to ensure our pups are not over vaccinated which can lead to side effects, autoimmune diseases and chronic health conditions. By testing the "antibody levels" (titer) of our mama dog, which her pups inherit, our lab can predict the appropriate timing to begin & conclude the core vaccine regimen in her puppies.  To take things a step further, we use a DETOX protocol to help clear the vaccine toxins from their system without compromising the effectiveness of the vaccines. ​ We also employ a holistic approach to de-worming your puppy to reduce the need for chemical products often used up to 4 times before they're 8 weeks old!

and scientific approach



Quality Nutrition:

Our philosophy is that providing  you with a healthy puppy isn't enough.  We do all that we can to provide you with a long-living dog through education.  As a Pet Food Nutrition Specialist, we understand that proper nutrition plays a vital role in your dog's health and longevity. We provide our puppies the best start possible with quality foods, rotation of food types, variety in animal proteins to avoid food allergies and flavor fatigue later in life, omega-3 fatty acids and immune boosting micro-nutrient supplementation. We then supply our puppy families with the information they need to support them in their dog's nutrition needs to provide them with the greatest level of vitality and health to live the longest life possible. We know you're going to fall head-over-heels in love with your LBL puppy and want her to be with as long as possible!

feeding and education

High Standards of


High Standards of Husbandry:

"Husbandry" is a term that is really about the day-to-day care of your animals and their environment. Personal "standards" for this care can vary greatly from breeder to breeder. Here's a snapshot of what goes into husbandry at LBL and the standard of care we provide: 

and bio-security

  • Sanitize birth suite daily

  • Calming birth suite  w/ music & oil diffusion

  • Individual record keeping

  • Wash bedding daily

  • Supplements for mama

  • Examine mom/pups daily

  • Weigh/temps- pups daily

  • Diligent record keeping

    • Birth records

    • Weight

    • Temperatures

    • Med administration

    • Vet visits

    • Observations

  • Individual holding & puppy love 

  • Prep & feed 3-4 times a day

  • Clean puppy pens & potty trays 2x daily

  • Bathe puppies/mom 

  • Frequent increase in pen size to meet exercise needs

  • Disinfect toys weekly 

  • Sanitize & remove shoes & cover clothing of all visitors

Code of 


Code of Ethics:

Our promise in the care for our dogs and puppies is to:

  • Test all dogs for genetic diseases relevant to the breed prior to breeding

  • Provide a loving, warm, safe home environment

  • Provide appropriate nutrition and clean water

  • Arrange for necessary medical and veterinary care - "Dog First" care

  • Maintain appropriate medical and veterinary records

  • Daily human contact and appropriate stimulation

  • Maintain clean pens with space appropriate for the needs of growing puppies

  • Provide age-appropriate outside playtime when weather permits

  • Supervise dogs and puppies for safety to the best of my ability

  • Never sell to animal wholesalers, retail pet dealers or research facilities

  • Provide reasonable support, information & advice to buyers for the life of their dog

Our promise to our puppies & You