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Preparing to bring Puppy Home

Labradoodles love their humans and were bred for relationships. So before you decide to apply to be the forever home of a Lake Breeze Labradoodle Puppy, please give full consideration of the time investment that your family is able to spend with your new family member.


Educate Yourself

Learn to "speak" dog as best as you can. Starting with thoroughly understanding the critical socialization period. (see below).  This and other recommended resources are found in our Pup Stuff Shop.  You'll want to begin well before puppy comes home and involve the entire family. 


Set Up For Puppy

If you have the space in a centrally located area of your home, we recommend a pen, crate, potty area set up similar to the picture. We buy remnant laminate flooring from Menards to put underneath the pen. This set up is helpful to contain puppy when you can't be watching her so that she doesn't potty in the house or if you need to leave puppy for a few hours until they are fully housebroken.  We have graciously compiled everything you need for puppy's homecoming in a one stop shop, our Pup Stuff Shop.  You're welcome!


Socialization Schedule

Healthy socialization is absolutely critical for a young puppy. There is a short window of time to be able to build their confidence around all sorts of people, animals, sites, sounds and situations.  You will want to be certain you can devote time to this for the 6 - 8 weeks immediately following your puppy coming home.  Be certain to educate yourself about the importance of socialization using the Puppy Culture videos that you can order from our Pup Stuff Shop.   


Quality Nutrition

We recommend PawTree foods as it is a natural & holistic line of foods with variety -- which we feel is important for your dog's long term health.  We also find Life's Abundance to be a trustworthy, quality food, it just lacks the variety. We also encourage incorporating commercially prepared raw dog food into their diet. It is also important to add an Omega-3, Probiotics and NuVet Supplements - all of which can be found in our Pup Stuff Shop for your convenience. 


Sign up for Training

At LBL,we require your puppy to be signed up for training prior to them going home with you.  Why?  Although Australian Labradoodles are very smart, they do not train themselves.  We believe the most successful transition into a new family starts off on the right foot with training and consistency.  We recommend using a "Force-free" training philosophy, either in a class or private setting.  We also highly recommend Baxter and Bella online training. 


Health Considerations

Be sure to identify a quality veterinarian and make an appointment to have your puppy seen within 3 days after bringing him home per our contract and health warranty.  We prefer a holistic vet as they often are more open to doing fewer, more appropriate vaccinations and titer tests, as well as employing fewer antibiotics and using some natural remedies.  Be prepared for the expense of multiple vet visits in the first year for vaccinations, heart-worm preventative and flea & tick prevention.  And be prepared to feed your puppy a quality diet and supplements to maintain health and longevity. 



Australian Labradoodles need regular grooming.  Depending on how long you want to keep your dog's coat, you may be visiting your groomer every 3-10 weeks.  You should identify a grooming facility and ask if they will let you bring puppy by for positive socialization visits.  Be sure to have puppy in for a bath, blow dry and trim around 12 weeks old to begin a positive grooming experience.  

Veterinarian with Dog
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