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Everything you need for Puppy in One Place

Puppy essential supplies

PREPARATION BEGINS WITH EDUCATION (well before puppy comes home) 

We Proudly Raise our Puppies Using PUPPY CULTURE Protocol

Conscientious puppy rearing is greatly rooted in proper socialization.  We use Puppy Culture's scientific and experience based protocol to guide our activities in socializing our puppies.  We work hard to create the easiest transition possible for you and puppy.  We can not stress to our puppy buyers strongly enough the importance of viewing the Puppy Culture movie chapters outlined as the "Essentials list for puppy owner".  Click the link to order the DVD set or the "On Demand" version.  Strongly Recommended!

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Phenomenal Online Puppy School

Get the 25% off Lake Breeze discount on the lifetime membership!

This is a very comprehensive training program that you do with the entire family in comfort of your home. It begins to ready you with guidance before puppy even comes home. You'll want to get started early!

Use Discount Code: LBL 

Recommended Readings 

Yes, I am a Patricia McConnell fan.  There are many other great canine behaviorist authors as well.  Even if you've raised dogs before there is great new research and understanding that will be so helpful in raising your puppy into an amazing dog.

This book will be supplied to you at no charge at puppy visit or puppy pick up



Our puppies and breeding dogs are fed pawTree natural & holistic foods, treats and wellness supplements. This link will take you to my simplified  recommendations page. The ultimate puppy starter gets you everything you need!


We use the Life's Abundance Pork and Venison canned food as a healthy treat for stuffing puppy's kong or snail chew toys or even for a training treat dispensed from a plastic bag or GoToob squeeze dispenser (see below)

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Taking puppy to a treat filled training class can often lead to a night filled with pottys trips with diarrhea.  We find that these treats typically do not cause tummy upset and they are healthy too! When cut into tiny pieces they will go a long way!


Bully sticks make a great long lasting chew for puppies, but most of them STINK to high heaven.  We find LA's Buffalo Bully Sticks to be a vast improvement in odor over the store bought variety. PLEASE buy the Bully Buddy or Bully Stick Holder to avoid choking on the small end piece (see below)  



This extraordinarily high quality supplement is a critical immune system reinforcement to combat the stress of transitioning to a new home, getting vaccines and doing life! Choose wafers or powdered.

Order Code 75424



Crates, Covers & Pens

30" - suggested for Mini puppies or as a more cozy "Starter Crate" for Medium puppies 

36" - w/ divider is recommended for Medium puppies 

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Bowls & Dishes

Drinking water with a beard is a sloppy proposition for a doodle. The Slopper Stopper is a worth while investment

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Toys for Chew, Tug & Fetch

You will want a few important starters when puppy comes home.

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Training Basics

Here's just a few things to get training started off right. 

Buy it from us at LBL for only $35.00 and it will come with the scent of the litter on it. 


for crate training.  Heartbeat 


Collars, Tags & Leashes

Your puppy will go home with a "starter" collar and leash.  You'll want to upgrade fairly soon. We really like padded collars and 6 foot leather or lupine leashes.  A retractable leash is nice for puppy sniff & strolls.  We recommend teaching your puppy to walk properly on a leash right away and therefore do not recommend harnesses. Here's a few suggestions to get you started.  Remember that use of choke and pronged collars are prohibited for your LBL puppy.  

Other supplies


Shop Groom

Our absolute favorite shampoo!  It is safe and has such a fresh scent for sweet and clean smelling puppies! 


Floppy eared dogs are more prone to ear infections.  This dynamic duo is excellent at keeping ears and DRY (part of the secret to its success)

Going to the groomer can be stressful for some dogs.  This holistic supplement can help take the edge off and make for a more positive experience. 



Essential Oils are a holistic option for your pets and hold as many benefits for them as they do for us. Here are a few that I use and recommend.  Click the button to send me an email letting me know your interest and what you would like to order. 

$56.58  Joy - excellent for adapting to new environments.  Perfect for puppy go home day. 

$31.91 Lavender - used to create a calm environment

$22.04 T-Away - helps alleviate nervousness and support feelings of comfort


You will LOVE this dog bed! I recommend the medium size.  You will absolutely want to order the Puppy Proofer to protect your investment from little chewers. 

Use Coupon Code LAKEBREEZE for 15% off

Disclaimer: We recommend products that we have used or believe to be equivalent to products used previously that we think are good enough to share. Some of these products have affiliate links, whereby we get a small commission for our referral. As a very small, family owned breeder, the commission earned helps support the our breeding program's investment into quality nutrition, supplements and equipment used to raise our puppies in a way that exceeds expectations. We appreciate your support of our "puppies raised with love" small breeder philosophy by purchasing through the above links.   

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